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When he was twenty-one, Fredrick Sipe got into a motorcycle accident that paralyzed him and cost him his fiancée’s life. The accident made him quadriplegic and a single father of two children. He almost lost his will to live but then realized how blessed he is to be given another chance at life. Fredrick Sipe made the best out of his new life and was able to raise his two children. Now he wants to inspire others to be grateful for their lives and keep fighting for it.


Fredrick Sipe

About the Author

Fredrick Sipe is from Charlottesville, Virginia. His accident in 1997 is only one of the tragedies he and his family overcame. He now lives with his mother and two children. He lived an inspirational life, and now, he wants to empower others as well.


Hello, my name is Fredrick Sipe. I was born on April 16, 1976 in Charlottesville, Virginia. My friends and family call me Bubba. I would like to tell you a little about my life and the accident that I suffered in 1997. I have three sisters and three brothers. My brother Lee, my two sisters Minnie and Mary, and I have the same mother but different fathers. My other siblings, two brothers and a sister, have the same father, Aubrey Fredrick Sipe. Their mother’s name was Ruby.

Lee, Minnie, and Mary were all born out of my mother’s marriage to Richard Morningwake. A couple of years later, Richard and my mother separated. Then Pauline, my mother, met my father, who as I have indicated already had children of his own. About a year later, I was born. For a time everything went well. Then my dad started drinking heavily and his behavior began to get out of control. My mother left him when I was about three years old, and moved with us to Pennsylvania because she has a lot of family there.

My Aunt Martha and Uncle Larry Klinger had two kids of their own, Larry and Eddie Klinger. They were older than all of us, especially me. I was the baby. We were all very close, so they let us stay with them for a few weeks until my mother found us a place of our own, in the city of Harrisburg. It wasn’t much, we didn’t have a lot of money, but love kept us together.

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