courage and determination

Courage and Determination

Remarkable and Inspiring Stories of Courage and Determination to Teach the Value of Living



How do people handle fear? Feeling afraid is normal. But to let it dictate a person in making decisions will lead to regrettable results. Fear is like a cage that hinders a bird from enjoying freedom. In fact, freedom can only be enjoyed when a pe . . .

physical therapy

The Role of Physical Therapy in Medicine

Physical therapy practice is a valuable breakthrough in recovery and improved health


According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), physical therapy is an important tool in health care. The practice has been a tremendous help to many people suffering various disabilities and physical conditions, like arthritis, concussions, multiple s . . .

negative talk

Silencing the Negative Talk

How to stop negative self-talk: ways to stop beating yourself up

Sometimes living in itself becomes a struggle. There are times that we find ourselves in situations that we cannot control or face problems that we cannot solve. A pattern of uncontrollable events could create feelings of helplessness that could trigger negative views of ourselves and the wor . . .

never give up

Never Give Up: Do Not Let the Hardship Keep You Down

Why you should never give up on life

“Never, never, never give up,” Sir Winston Churchill once said. This mantra is very helpful when we are faced with the challenges and difficulties of life. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, we forget what it is that pushes us forward. We hesitate. We stop. We give up.

But giving up is not the answer. If we gi . . .

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